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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fix MBR (master boot record)

MbrFix.exeMbrFix.exe is a useful tool for professionals or serious hobbyists, it works for Windows XP and Vista. It can do a whole list of other neat operations as well.From a working Windows System:1) Download a small utility called MbrFix.exe here, Read all about MbrFix.exe here, Paste the file to the root of drive C:If you don't know what I mean by 'the root of drive C, just open in 'My Computer, Click on Local Disk (C:), open it, and paste MbrFix.exe.there.3) Click 'Start'->'Run', type CMD (for a Command Prompt).The command prompt will at first be something like,
C:\ Documents and Settings \ Herman >_(Where 'Herman' is my username for Windows, yours will probably be something different).Change it to just a C: prompt by typing: cd \ , then press 'Enter'.After that you should just have a plain C:\>_ prompt.
C:\>_Type this command after the C:\> prompt: MbrFix /drive 0 fixmbr /yesfor example,Code:
C:\> MbrFix /drive 0 fixmbr /yesNothing much will appear to happen, your monitor may blink slightly, that's all. You will see the plain C:\>_ prompt again. Type 'exit'.4) That's it! Reboot to see if it worked.EXTRA: Emergency procedureIf all else fails and you are really stuck and Windows won't boot in the first place in order for you to even use MbrFix.exe, download MbrFix.exe in Linux and just paste it into the root of Windows partition. A Birds's eye view of Windows XP. (showing the bootloader files).If you have the FAT32 file system in Windows it is safe to do that from any Linux. If you have the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon or later it is safe to write to an NTFS file system.It is not recommended to write to NTFS from Feisty or earlier versions of Ubuntu unless you have special software installed for that in Linux. Windows NTFS Partitions Read/write support made easy in Ubuntu Feisty - UbuntuGeekThen go to this page and download a boot disk with NTLDR, and boot.ini on it, that will boot Windows for you almost no matter what!When Windows has booted you can run MbrFix.exe as shown above.

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