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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SBS 2003 Exchange Configuration

1. Run CEICW by opening Server Management.

2. In the left pane, expand To Do List. In the details pane, click Connect to Internet.
3. On the Connection Type page, click Broadband, and then click Next.
4. On the Broadband Connection page, under My server uses a direct broadband connection, click Next.

5. If your network connection to the Internet is disabled, you will receive the Network Connection, You must enable and configure the network connection to your ISP page. If you do not receive this page, go to step 7. On this page, under Connection name, click Network Connection.

6. Configure IP settings according to the requirements of your ISP, and then click Next. (The network connection is now enabled.)

7. On the Network Connection, You must click the connection for your ISP and local network page, under ISP network connection, click Network Connection.

8. Under Local network connection, click Server Local Area Connection, and then click Next.

9. On the Direct Broadband Connection page, next to Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server, type the IP addresses that are provided by your ISP. To change the Default gateway setting, type the default gateway IP address if the IP address is not provided by DHCP. Click Next.

10. Complete the Configure E-mail and Internet Connection


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